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About Deidra Monika

Deidra Monika is a 30-year-old blogger from Montana. She likes sports and fitness, travel and sharing stories with others. She often participates in community activities to help some elderly people. She worked in Johnson & Johnson in the past two years.

When Deidra Monika was 20 years old, she was very fat and frail. She tried various ways to lose weight and finally lose weight successfully. Surprisingly, her successful experience has helped some friends of her to get the healthy life.

Because of this, she would like to write blog articles to share more health stories and knowledge and skills with us to help get a healthier life.

So, comes.


When comes to the health topic, Deidra Monika as the chief author of, does have the right to speak for her riched health knowledge and unforgettable experience. She is pleased to share her stories with us. Deidra Monika also shared lots of health tips from her friends’ stories.

All our efforts are for a goal, that is to help more people who need help to get a healthier life.

Whether you want to lose weight or want to improve the body resistance or want to restore spine health ….. you can always get very practical health tips here.

The current effort is for better future.

Never give it up!