Have you heard of Cryotherapy?

Maybe, you haven’t. Cryotherapy is actually the way using truly cold temperatures for restorative treatment. Which means something as simple as standing in a frosty tub or ice bathing or utilizing ice on an injury. There a lot benefits of Cryotherapy, which can be applied to weight loss, slow cell aging, wellness and workout recovery.

Therefore, some new kinds of cryo spa have developed. Cold therapy involves standing in a body-sized chamber up to your neck and liquid nitrogen sprinkled into the air to make your skin temperature down to under -200ºF.

Sounds fun?

What’s the Cryotherapy?

Cryo recovery is actually the method of making use of cold temperatures to achieve health and healthy life. Cryotherapy has been applied in different methods since the 1700s to reduce muscle spasms and pain, improve workout recovery, anti aging and improve health.

It’s very usual way used by athletes help to workout recovery and decrease muscle soreness. However, recent the Whole Body Cryotherapy getting more popular. The whole body cryotherapy is the form most referred to in modern references to cryo recovery.

The whole body cryo spa was developed in the 1970s in Japan and now has spread to all over the world. It has received widespread popularity with athletes, those with some chronic illnesses and people who want to lose weight.

As you might assume, the whole body cryotherapy has its share of claims to benefits of cryotherapy. Now, let’s go ahead to see these cryotherapy benefits.

What are the Benefits of Cryotherapy?

1. Anti Aging

When it comes to slow cell aging methods, people will be pleasure to try just about any methods. The solution to slow aging skin requires a sequence of processes, and cryo spa is an ideal way to help your skin get healthier.

How does this work?

Oxygenated Blood

It is completely safe using the cryo sauna to slow cell aging process. When enjoying cryo spa the sudden rush of oxygenated blood to the surface of your body will give you a sense of invigoration. This blast of physical energy will maintain itself for hours after your Cryotherapy, and it’s safe.

Invigorate Your Skin

Once you continue to take Cryotherapy, you will see and feel the effect on your skin that you have been expecting for. You will experience the positive physical results that the creams and ointments promised, but could not deliver. It without any types of negative side-effects.

Help Remove Toxins

The sudden rush of fresh blood to skin removes the toxins that would cause your skin to look old and dry out. Meantime, your body will also release an extra of the stuff known as collagen to give more elasticity to your facial skin.

Both removing the toxins and promoting an increase in elasticity, the benefits of cryotherapy bring out all of the natural solutions your body needs to heal the skin and make you look younger.

Enjoy it!

2. Hyper Charged Metabolism and Accelerate Weight Loss

The another benefit of cryotherapy I found immediately is that can accelerate weight loss.

After just three minutes of cryo spa, you will feel full of energy and feel great! That because of the release of catecholamines as well as other neuropeptides in reaction to the intense cold. The extreme cold starts your metabolism and inspires your body to start burning more fat instantly.

Certainly, my experience is purely anecdotal and doesn’t include any scientific proof. However, it’s true that the metabolism will extremely boosted and help to burn more fat. Your body strives to warm itself back up by burning available calories reserves so that causes the weight loss.

Surprised? There are more benefits of cryotherapy following.

The whole body cryotherapy helps your body to burn an additional 800 calories, on average, in the hours immediately after treatment. Which enhanced burning calories normally accelerate the process of weight loss.

3. Faster Recovery from Exercise

The ways that many athletes use to recover from injuries. Athletes have known that ice seems to help speed recovery for hundreds of years.

Whole body cryotherapy is a fast way to get the benefits of cold to the entire body. If you’re an athlete that wants to be able to be at your peak performance level safely, then you need the benefits of cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy can help :

  • Help body to heal quicker
  • Repair tissue faster
  • Rejuvenate body naturally

With ice spa, an athlete can decrease bring pain relief to their back, swelling in their joints and help to promote faster healing completely their body. As mentioned above, Cryotherapy can increase your metabolism, which means that you can keep in peak condition for longer.

Cryotherapy is the safe way to stay in shape, and it’s also a method that every athlete should be utilizing on a regular basis.

4. Reduces Inflammation

Here is other one benefit of ice cryo, although it hasn’t completely well-studied. However, this doesn’t mean it isn’t effective.

Cryotherapy originally created to eliminate lesions from the skin without the use of medications. The doctor freeze the lesions and harmlessly remove them without pain to the patient. In the late 1970s, it was found that intensely cold temperatures in a cryotherapy decreased the inflammation that causes discomfort, therefore, cryotherapy recovery was born.

In medical applications, doctors have used cryo recovery in clinical environments to help with inflammatory conditions like chronic pain conditions and rheumatoid arthritis. The cold conditions seems to have both short and long term benefits against chronic pain and can also make other therapeutics more effective and better put up with by patients(source).

Other cryotherapy benefits there include boosting potential immune system and keep healthy.

Cryotherapy Price

Maybe, you want to know how much is cryotherapy cost.

Different Cryotherapy packages, the price is different. The price of Cryotherapy usually is $75 per session, $249 monthly with 1 cryospa session per week. And there some others Cryotherapy packages available.

You can search ‘cryotherapy near me’ to find more detail cryotherapy price information.