Weight loss techniques have over the years had depended so much on what the patient had to do. Cryotherapy weight loss is a different ball playing field. Cryo spa is an ideal weight loss solution.

Actually, Cryotherapy is the method of making use of low temperatures to archive weight loss. Cryotherapy for weight loss is developed from the way that athletes use ice to help speed recovery.

In 1978, this tested and proved technique used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Toshiro Yamaguchi Professor found this medical therapy that lowers the body temperature which helps in losing weight and has other health benefits. So the extensive research into it brings health benefits which include weight loss.

Cryotherapy Chamber 

What’s Cryotherapy Chamber?

Essentially, Cryotherapy Chamber is cryotherapy machine that having a small room where you take cryo spa. In the process of Cryosauna, your body is exposed to amazingly low temperatures of −140°c for up to 3 minutes in a closed cryotherapy chamber under the supervision of medical attendant. And the chamber does not cover your head and area around the neck.

How Does Cryotherapy Work?

Cryotherapy weight loss works by increasing the metabolism of your body. If it in conjunction with regular exercise and good diet routine can sum up to the best way to shed off fat quickly. This process is faster than the normal way of losing fat.

During the 3-minute cryo spa experience, the brain sends signals to the rest of your body. The signal is to for your body to pump more blood to the core so that increasing the body heat and hence the metabolic rate. The blood (already enriched) rushes back out through the body. This boosts the body immunity, provides a natural relief for pain, and rejuvenation of the cells.

So, to heat itself back up, the body now needs to make use of a considerable amount of energy.  For the best results and shed off the weight quickly. This therapy should be in conjunction with proper diet and exercise as the process increases the metabolic rate of your body.

During 8 hours after a cryotherapy session, your whole body will burn between 2000-3300 Kilojoules (kJ) of energy. That is not a small amount of energy. It sums up to about 500 – 800 calories. Therefore, a cryotherapy session which is about 3 minutes is equal to taking a 45 minutes run.

Why I Choose Cryotherapy Weight Loss?

When comes to weight loss, there are a lot of benefits of cryotherapy for weight loss. Some of them are:

1. It is one of the fastest and safest ways to burn body fat.

It helps shed off close to 800 calories a day. Engaging in physical activities and good diet coupled with cryotherapy is sure a perfect weight loss solutions.

2. Effects of cryotherapy last longer than other ways of weight loss.

A single cryotherapy session could last for days. This leads to an average of 300 calories every day. Previous users of cryotherapy have reported burning close to 5lbs of fat per month.

3. It also leads to proper body fat distribution in the body.

This gives room for proper body shape and stature. This is due to better and increased blood circulation and muscle tone.

4. Cryotherapy is also one best way to improve sleep.

Ever wondered the connection between sleep and weight loss?

It’s simple.

Weight loss doctor found that the body actually burns fat while sleeping. Poor sleeping patterns compromise the immune system by reducing the production of melatonin and developing an insulin resistance. This is a big contribution to weight gain. A cryotherapy treatment makes the extra oxygen in the bloodstream to relax the body and brain. This gives room to an awesome night rest. A stable sleep pattern triggers faster weight loss.

5. Increase Energy

Furthermore, with the improved sleep pattern above and a cryotherapy session, there is a decrease in fatigue level. The decrease in fatigue level leads to more energy. This cumulates to increased desire to work out and follow the designated weight loss routine.

Cryotherapy Price

How much does cryotherapy cost?

A session could last as much as 3 minutes which cost approximately 90$. It might cost you 75$ to 90$. You can also create a membership account that gives you discounted session. Most athletes recovering from injury are advised to spend longer time or do 2 sessions per day.

Are There Any Side Effects of Cryotherapy Weight Loss?

Actually, Cryotherapy for weight loss is safe. No known report of any cryotherapy side effect has been recorded. So, that means it is currently very safe. Yet some things to know are that it is not FDA approved yet. These are protective gears every cryotherapy center provides or mandate for their clients.

How Can I Get a Good Cryotherapy Near Me?

Cryotherapy centers are available almost everywhere in the United States. Furthermore, you can through the internet to get the nearest cryotherapy locations. Also, most cryotherapy machines offer the same quality of treatment. It means that a high-priced cryotherapy center does not necessarily offer a better treatment. It could only be fees for add-ons and extra treatments.


Recently, the cryotherapy weight loss seems to be the trending. A good tactic would be to hop on and enjoy the benefits of science and technology. So, while traditional methods of weight loss are not disposable. In addition to the whole body cryotherapy for weight loss being a new invention offers greater and improved benefits.


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