Dr Kramer Dentist – How To Take Care Of Teeth

Dr Kramer Dentist Tell You How to Take Care Of Teeth

Do you want to have a Charming smile? In addition to a happy mood, beautiful white teeth are also very important to your beauty. Here, Dr Kramer Dentist will share a few gentle dental care methods with us, which will bring smiles dental to you.

How to take care of teeth without the dentist?

1. Remove food intercourse between the teeth in time

In the process of chewing food, fibers food often stuck in the teeth gap. They are harmful to the teeth and periodontal tissue.

We can clean the teeth by brushing to keep the mouth hygienic.

Recommend to pick one best electric toothbrush for dental health. 

2. Make sure plenty of nutrition for the teeth

The development of the teeth can’t be separated from all kinds of nutritious food.

Therefore, whether adults or young children, the diet should be diversified and not a partial eclipse.

3. To develop the correct chewing food habits

The correct chewing method is to use either side by side teeth or both sides teeth.

4. Correct bad habits that are harmful to the teeth

Some babies and young children used to sucking the thumb, licking teeth, opening mouth to breathe, bite the lips and other habits.  Which results in tooth dislocation and deformity.

Dr Kramer Dentist considered that correcting bad habits is good for dental care. Especially, for kids dental care.

5. Brushing teeth before going to bed

After falling asleep, the oral temperature and saliva secretion are reduced, in this case, bacteria are easy to breed.

Dr. Kramer dentist pointed out that sugar fermentation acid then corrosive teeth to form cavities.

Therefore, brush your teeth before going to bed as possible, which has a very important role in the prevention of dental disease.

6. Prevent tooth injury

Do not use teeth to bite hard items, so as not to damage the teeth.

It recommend to learn some tips to take emergency dental care.

About Dr. Kramer Dentist

Dr. Kramer is a native dentist of South Florida and graduated from Northwestern University Dental School.  He is a senior member of the American Dental Association and Florida Dental Association.

Dr Kramer Dentist has had the pleasure of getting to service for patients, to see his young patients recovery. He has two daughters and loves to share many personal milestones with his patients.

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