The cost of gentle dental care is a bit expensive affair to most people. However, there will some bad consequences that can become realities if you neglect your dental hygiene. Ignoring dental care even also can result in life-threatening diseases. You may often tend to choose low cost or free dental care due to budgetary issues.

You are more vulnerable if you are uninsured. Nowadays, the lack of dental insurance is one of the most serious challenges faced by American healthcare.

Dental plans and insurances can help you to deal with an urgent dental care. In case you don’t have a dental insurance, just don’t worry.  State and local health departments in your area are mostly available of low cost or free dental care programmes.

A dental savings plan is affordable and can be activated quickly. You get the option of choosing your own dentist with your dental plan.

Fortunately, our gentle dental care expert will share several tips with you to get low cost or free dental care.

12 Tips to Get Low Cost Or Free Dental Care

1. Community Dental Clinics

All states have affordable dental care or free dental care clinics in place. Some dentists also offer special low prices for low-income people. That means, they adjust their dental care fees according to your income.

You can check with your local public hospital for the nearest community dental clinic. You can also check the website of the American Dental Association (ADA) for affordable dental care clinics. These dental clinics help people access affordable dental care or free dental care.

2. Dental School Clinics

Students in dental school clinics undergo on-the-job practical training. They should acquire related experience before they get their practice license.

However, the dental care in dental school clinics may not be entirely free. But, most of the dental school clinics offer affordable dental care.

The trade-off is that you may spend longer time on the dental chair. The students do your treatment under the supervision of a licensed dentist. You may even need to visit the clinic several times to complete your treatment plan.

3. Dental Savings Plans

Affordable dental insurance or dental savings plan are really important for the low-income families.

Choose a dental plan that can activate fast and saves you money. Always choose a plan that your current dentist or any other accredited dentist near you.

Some of the advantages of dental savings plan are:

  • quick plan activation
  • with no health restrictions
  • no paperwork hassles and
  • no annual limits.

4. Non-profit Agencies

There are many agencies that recognize the significance of affordable dental care, and work to assist those people in need.

A few agencies have been given below:

Dentistry Form the Heart – It is a charitable agency that arranges free dental care events. In these events, dentists devote their time to treat people who can’t otherwise afford it.

Mission of Mercy – This is another not for profit agency. It offers free dental care to people who do not have dental insurance in place. It is offered in states of Arizona, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

United Way – This non-profit agency locate in every state in the United States. It is a community-based coalition of charitable agencies. These places provide information on how and where to avail access to low-cost or free dental care clinics. They have a list of community social agencies and the dental programmes they offer.

HRSA – This is Health Resources and Services Administration. It is an agency of US Department of Health & Human Services. HRSA improves access to health care services for citizens who are uninsured and medically vulnerable.

5. Medicare Dental Benefits


Medicare dental benefits are available to citizens who are 65 or older. The Medicare program will pay for limited dental-related issues.

For example, if you develop an infection after a tooth extraction so that you have a life-threatening condition. In such cases, Medicare will cover the costs of hospital care and your dental treatment fee.

However, Medicare will not pay for any dental treatment excluded from Original Medicare (e.g. dentures), even if you are in the hospital.

6. Medicaid Dental Coverage

This dental plan applies to children and also pregnant women. This program offers low-cost or affordable dental care to:

  • Low-income children
  • people with disabilities
  • pregnant women and
  • the impoverished elderly

Medicaid calls for every state’s medical assistance plan to cover at least fifty percent of the associated expenses.

7. Children’s Health Insurance Program

CHIP provides dental benefits to children under the age of 19. Dental services for children include:

  • Relief from dental pain and infections
  • Restoration of teeth
  • Maintenance of dental health

 8. Look For Clinical Trials At Nidcr

NIDCR is one of the federal government’s National Institutes of Health. It looks for volunteers with some dental issues.

Researchers at NIDCR offer low cost or free dental care to these volunteers. These research studies are the clinical trials.

 9. Search For Online Coupons And Savings

Discounted vouchers and coupons are available time to time for various dental treatments. The treatments include filling teeth, cleaning teeth, and flossing.

10.  Dial 211

211 number gives information about nearest low-cost dental services in your area. This number is allotted by the FDC (Federal Communications Commission).

However, all the states do not have this service.

11. Engage In “dental Tourism”

In some countries, the dental treatments are quite cheap.

You can consult with a dentist in the United States to figure out these countries. The dentists will give you proper guidance. He will help you to decide whether going overseas for dental services is worth for your particular dental needs.

It is also important to consider the benefits, standards, and regulations being offered abroad.

12. Barter Services

Barter services here means dental care in exchange for a set of skills.

There are many bartering websites to figure out potential opportunities to exchange your skill-set. Such as an IT expert, a sales person or an accountant, can exchange their services for a free dental care.

Dental health is something which cannot be neglected. Even if you do not have dental insurance in plan, there is always a way out.

Affordable dental plans are available. All you need to do is identify the appropriate local health agency to assist you. Many federal/state programs and non-profit/charitable agencies are available to help you get low cost or free dental care.