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Green Valley Dental Group is committed to serving you look, feel and simile your best. Dentists from Green Valley Dental Group are experienced in providing complete dental care with advanced, proven technology. They look forward to seeing you and your smile.

What dental services you can get from Green Valley Dental Group?

1. Dental crown

A well suited dental crown can help restore your tooth’s shape, size, and strength. The dental crown fully encases the visible portion of the tooth or dental implant.

A dental crown brings benefits:

  • It can support and protect a tooth after a rather large filling or valley oral surgery.
  • Encases the dental implant.
  • If your a tooth that is decayed, broken or worn, a dental crown can help to restore and protect the tooth.
  • Keep a dental bridge in right place.

Don’t worry the dental crown will fall out, it is very steady. Once the dental crown is forever bonded in position, only the dentist can remove it.

In general, the life of a dental crown can range from five to 15 years under the condition of good care oral hygiene.

Great dentists in Green Valley Dental can service you a completed permanent crown in one time.

2. Emergency dental care

Green Valley Dental dentists provide urgent dental care. Once you need emergency dental care, you can visit Green Valley Dental clinic near you.

How to take emergency dental care by yourself?

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Here are some tips about how to deal with the urgent dental care:

Stay calm

Once your tooth hurt or broken, the first thing you should do is keep calm. Only keep in calm, you can find the way to deal with your problems, such as how to stop the bleeding or protect the injured tooth.

Never take aspirin or ibuprofen for an urgent dental care, if the gums are bleeding

Because aspirin and ibuprofen are anticoagulants which can make excessive bleeding.

Keep oral clean

If the tooth or gum injured, which can cause infections. So, it’s very important to keep oral clean, you should quickly visit your dentist if it needs.

Relief Pain

You can place ice to the painful area for 10-30 minutes of every hour to alleviate pain before you see your dentist.

Dial 911

If your urgent situation is life-threatening, you should go immediately to a hospital emergency room or dial 911 for urgent medical services.

3. Routine Dental Checkups

Medical research shows that routine dental checkups are vital to good oral hygiene and are the best way to detect problems at their earliest stages. Especially for younger, early detection and care save unnecessary discomfort, time and money.

Items that routine dental checkup included:

  • A visual examination of your oral, mouth, neck, face and jaw.
  • Digital X-rays. Digital X-rays can detect dental problems that cannot be found during the visual exam.
  • A Gingival Pocket Exam. A gingival pocket exam can exam the presence and detect the risk of gum disease.
  • Professional Clean Teeth. Professional cleaning can remove plaque from above and below the gumline, which makes you smile or look great.

How to keep teeth or oral healthy?

  • Brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush after breakfast and before go to bed.
  • Clean tongue daily.
  • Keep use dental floss regular.

4. Filling Teeth

Once your teeth damaged by decay, you should take more attention to it. Decay teeth will get worse if it not been repaired.

So, it’s necessary to fill the decay teeth. In general, a filling has a lifespan of 5 to 15 years under the proper dental care and healthy oral hygiene.

You can also get Filling Teeth service from Green Valley Dental clinic.

5. Valley endodontics treatment

When the soft inner tissue inside a decayed tooth’s root canal gets infected, valley endodontics treatment can avoid severely injured.

You should take more attention to this case because if it is not handled instantly, will result in pain or a tooth infection.

Valley endodontic treatment is also called as a “root canal”.

In general, the root canal can be completed treated in 1-2 times clinic visits. Keeping healthy oral hygiene, the restored tooth can keep healthy for a lifetime.

Green Valley Dental Group also provide other dental care services, include periodontal disease treatment, teeth whitening, removal of wisdom teeth.

Dentists Team at Green Valley Dental Group

Green Valley Dental Group has an awesome dental care team. Every one of the team is very excellent, here we recommend Vicente Knight dentist to you. Dr. Knight is the member of American Dental Association, and he has rich dental care and treatment experience.


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