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MCAT practice test

Q1: A researcher recruited 20 individuals with complete spinal cord injuries at cervical vertebrae C3 or C4 (participants had no sensory or motor function below the site of injury) and 20 matched controls.  Participants were presented with images designed to evoke positive, negative, or no emotion. 

If the results indicate no significant difference between participants with spinal cord injuries and control participants in the emotional response to the images, this finding would:

A.contradict the James-Lange theory. the Schachter-Singer theory.

C.contradict the Cannon-Bard theory. the theory of universal emotions.

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Answer: A.contradict the James-Lange theory.

Q2: Uniform magnetic fields created by advanced medical imaging devices most likely come from the:

A.nuclear decay of device materials.

B.electric forces generated by charged particles.

C.motion of electrons along a circular pathway. of electrical charges at small distances.

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Answer: C.motion of electrons along a circular pathway.

Q3: Which term can be used to classify the relationship between two isomers that have the same connectivity but specific rotations of +40° and −25°, respectively?


B.Racemic mixture[9%]


D.Conformational isomers[22%]

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Answer: C.Diastereomers[48%]

Q4: A block with mass M slides down an incline of angle θ at constant velocity v.

MCAT practice test

Which of the following expressions is equal to the magnitude of frictional force between the block and the incline? (Note:  The acceleration of gravity g = 10 m/s2.)

A.Mg∙sin θ

B.Mg∙cos θ

C.Mg / sin θ

D.Mg / cos θ

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Answer: A.M∙g∙sin θ

Q5: An enzyme kinetics assay reveals that Vmax = 100 nmol/s and Km = 10 μM.  For this assay, what substrate concentration is required for a reaction rate V0 of 75 nmol/s?

A.20 μM

B.30 μM

C.50 μM

D.75 μM

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Answer: B.30 μM

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