10 Reasons Why Walking Is The Ideal Weight Loss Solution

Still searching for a really work weight loss solution?

When it comes to modern living and proper exercise, not many people have the time and the energy to go to the gym after a long day at work or after all the family chores to still exercise. Many people just don’t have the time or the money for strict fitness and food regimes. It is a bunch of work, but it doesn’t have to be like that!

There are no instant healthy results from rigorous dieting, a bunch of exercises and a life full of restraints. Ideal weight loss solution is actually a decision to lead a long, joyful and active life. Weight loss doctors preach slow change of unhealthy habits and many of them can be changed with one simple trick – walking!

Why Walking?

If you live in a big urban environment, have to travel to work and do not have much time for many other activities during the day. It is good to have a slight change in the habits to get a weight loss solution.

A sit-desk-job body requires a lot of stretching, maybe yoga, riding a bicycle, swimming, but this one thing is something you do not even have to plan forward.

Walking is the perfect activity for relaxing body and peaceful mind but in a dynamic way!

Walking Is The Ideal Weight Loss Solution Help You Lose Weight

  1. Body-friendly exercise as weight loss solution

Weight loss doctors recommend walking over running because it is not as aggressive to your spine, knees, feet, and shins, and it is a natural way of your body movement.

It is good to keep proper breathing technique in mind because oxygen-filled lungs induce cell reparation and blood flow throughout the body.

  1. Metabolism, digestion and heart rate

It speeds the metabolism up in the least stressful way and it needs all the muscles to go. It reduces the risk of diabetes and hypertension and it lowers blood cholesterol. Walking can often burn more calories than running and that is what a lot of doctors weight loss reminded.

It is more effective than it looks like. It helps with digesting your meal, even the holiday one!

  1. Walking is good for everybody!

This is why it is important to praise walking over running when it comes to losing weight and for people who are not an athlete.

Whether you’re 17 or 77, have some health conditions or not, walking is a great exercise because it does not lead to discomfort of any kind. You can find your tempo, speed, and walking track. Make sure you breathe properly and to just enjoy your path of weight and stress-release stroll.

  1. Easy fit to daily routine

You know how you have to keep in mind when you eat before the gym or fitness class?

With walking it is just a matter of your current decision.

It can be done whenever you want! You can even get off the bus or subway a station or two earlier and have a nice 20-minute walk home. Also, you can choose a different way, maybe through the park or a more uphill street, just to make things more interesting.

  1. Most important part of weight loss process

Weight loss doctors suggest walking as the first and most important step in the weight-loss process. Medical weight loss usually begins with this kind of body warm-up and for a good reason.

Walking is a good path towards other harder physical activities, especially if it’s recommended for medical weight loss or while recovering from some condition or an injury. Sometimes it is hard to motivate yourself for hard physical training so walking could be a perfect first step towards other activities.

  1. Explore the city while losing weight – Choose your own landscape

If you like exploring new places or looking at things from different angles. Then walking in your city will prove that you don’t know everything about it!

Every day walking on a different route will make it more fun. And you will see parts of your city that you have never seen before. Sometimes it can be boring to walk always the same route. So walking all over the city will be more interesting. And you will not be demotivated by repetition of an exercise and same landscapes.

  1. Perfect way to release stress

As we all know,  stress can lead to weight gain and other health problems. Fortunately, regularly walking can help you avoid these problems.

Walking can be your alone, meditative-like time, when you can literally “walk off” your worries, clear your thoughts and sort priorities. All the while – exercising! Also, from the physical aspect, even breathing, walking through the green forest or calm parks, walking the dog, it is multiplied beneficial for you!

  1. Not as exhausting as a gym but effective as much!

One of the many positive things is that is not as demanding as other physical activities. And you don’t need any equipment you can walk dressed for work or casual walking after the dinner. It is very practical and basically, there are no excuses why don’t start right now!

  1. Walking can help to prevent mental diseases

Walking is very helpful for elderly people.

Research shows that:

At least six miles walks per week can prevent dementia and other mental disorders.

Walking is highly recommended for older people. For it is the best way to stay physically active, to stay healthy and to be in a good shape without any potential dangers from getting injured. It will boost your Vitamin D and it will give more energy for everyday activities.

  1. Walking makes you happy!

You will much feel better after the daily walking routine. It is a perfect weight loss solution. It will boost your mood and you will be a much happier person.

Medical research show that:

Walking is very powerful antidepressant in case of moderate depression. It releases endorphins which called “happiness hormone” that helps reducing stress and anxiety.

Walking is a MUST if you don’t enjoy any tougher or more challenging physical activity. It will simply make you happy!

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