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Weight Loss Solutions with Cryotherapy

Do you frustrated with trying to lose weight?  You’ve stuck to your healthy diet plan and you exercise regularly, however, you have not achieved fast enough results? Here, you’re lucky for that a weight loss doctor sharing a weight loss solution help you to lose weight. Whole Body Cryotherapy, Which is a proven, healthy and wholistic way to lose weight. Maybe you know about that from some weight loss clinic. The following weight loss tips are all for you.

What’s the Whole Body Cryotherapy?

In fact, Cryotherapy is the common use of low temperatures in medical therapy. The Whole Body Cryotherapy developed in Japan by Professor Toshiro Yamaguchi in 1978 for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. When it comes to weight loss, since then there has been more and more research into cryotherapy and weight loss.

With whole body Cryotherapy, your body will be exposed to extremely low temperatures of −140°c for up to three minutes. During this period, the average skin temperature will drop to about 10°c, while the core body temperature keeps unchanged.

When you are in the cryotherapy machine, your head and neck area are not covered by the chamber and so are exposed to room air above the cryotherapy device. A fine nitrogen mist is then sprayed onto your body in order to lower the temperature. During the whole treatment, the weight loss doctor will stay with you, so you can enjoy cryo spa.

How does it work?

The reason cryo spa can assist you with weight loss program is that it rapidly increases your metabolic rate. Weight loss doctor researched to show that cryospa combined with regular exercise and healthy diet is the best way to lose weight faster than you normally would.

The skin senses the extreme cold during cryotherapy treatment, your brain will signal to the rest of body to pump blood to your core to increase your body heat and metabolic rate. Your body is not in any real danger as it is only the skin that is being cooled. More Adrenaline and endorphins released to increase metabolism and energy. Then the enriched blood rushes back out and through your body, boosting immunity, cell renewal, and providing natural pain relief. Therefore, your body is using a considerable amount of energy to heat back up again. Which is how cryotherapy’s whole body therapy. No

Therefore, your body is using a considerable amount of energy to heat back up again. Which is how cryotherapy’s whole body therapy. No doubt, as a supplement to your healthy diet and regular exercise, it will help you to achieve a faster weight loss.

According to statistics, up to about 8 hours following your whole body cryotherapy session, you’ll burn about 2200 − 3500 Kilojoules (kJ).  Which is around 500 – 900 calories. Calories will continue to burn post-treatment as the body re-heats. In other words, a three minutes ice cryo spa session is the equivalent of a 45 minute run.  In order to reach weight loss, doctors weight loss recommend that you need to burn an extra 500 calories every day.  After a session, you will feel amazingly energized as the cold temperatures trigger a rush of “good feeling” endorphins and the mood effects of the treatment can last for days and may become permanent with repeated cryotherapy sessions.

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How often should I have a Cryotherapy session to lose weight?

In order to achieve the maximum weight loss success with cryo spa, in addition to healthy diet and exercise plan, weight loss doctors recommend that it’s wise to take 10 sessions within 3 weeks. It’s even safe to take cryotherapy session every day. The reason for this is after your first few sessions, your increased metabolic rate tends to last longer between treatments and therefore the benefits are cumulative. Maybe you want to know the cryotherapy price for each session. You can check the cryotherapy price information powered by weight loss doctor.

Additional Weight Loss Benefits of Cryotherapy

  • Endorphin release elevates mood, reduces anxiety, relieves insomnia and can lead to healthier choices.
  • Reduces fat deposits and cellulite by de-activating cold sensitive fat cells.
  • Enhanced blood flow stimulates fat cell detoxification and lymphatic drainage

It’s important that consistent cryo spa sessions increase the metabolism in the long term. Which results in more passive calories burned and fast weight loss.

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