Weight Loss Tips – How to Eat Your Favorite Food Without Storing It in Fat

Food is one of the keys to human existence. Food remains one of the most important daily intakes the body. No man can live on air and water only, there has to be a source of supplement. The body, in very extreme cases, can only go about 3 weeks without food. This goes to show the importance of food. Yet storing food in fat has become a source of worry to many. If you are looking for weight loss tips then you must know how to eat your favorite food without storing it in fat.

What happens to food in our body?

Every part of the human body needs sufficient energy to carry out its daily assignment. The source of this energy is the food we eat. These explain why nutritionist emphasis on a balanced diet for every individual.

After eating the food, it is mixed with fluids present in our stomach (enzymes and acids). After the digestion process, the body system absorbs the different supplements (protein, carbohydrate, minerals etc.) to use.

But the carbohydrate does not end there. It is further broken down into glucose, a species of sugar. The sugar enters the blood stream and circulates around the body. As it circulates, the different organs take their share including the brain. Some of it stored as glycogen in the liver for energy purpose.

The fate of  the left overs:

Weight Loss Tips

When the daily source of energy or calorie available in the blood stream is much more than the average needed. The remnants are simply stored in the form of fat in fat cells. This is what referred to as excess fat which leads to weight gain.

In short, when the source of energy (food) intake is in excess of the energy expended, the extra calories (sugar, glucose) are converted and stored as fat.

Is this applicable only to carbohydrate foods?

Weight Loss Tips

A clear and convincing fact is that irrespective of the type of food eaten, the body converts every excess or unused portion of it and stores it in the fat cells. The more the fats stored in the fat cells, the bigger they become. This means that weight gain occurred when the fat cells expand and vice versa. To know more about your digestive system.

However, how to keep lesser no consumed calories stored in fat? Let the weight loss doctor reveal the answer.

How can I keep eating favorite food without storing it in fat?

Adaptability is a key characteristic of people. People have learned to live beyond the boundaries of creation. The initial most common weight loss tips had included staying away from certain foods, especially favorite ones.

But new research has shown that:

There really might not be a need to stop eating.

What stored as fat are the excess calories the body does not need, then that might be the secret. Research has shown that people who have low self-control and are dieting by trying to caution them from eating their favorite meals simply end up disappointed.

Not all meals have the same quantity of calories. Foods like rice, oatmeal, low-fat crackers, and bread, have lower calories compared to fried foods, animal fats, butter, and margarine.

The simple formula is to add more of the low-calorie foods to the daily intake.

In clear terms, if food low in calories like chick peas, berries or avocado is amongst the favorite meals, then they should actually fill up the daily intake. This means eating a favorite meal, eating it well, no hunger regiments yet supplying insufficient calorie to the body.

Whi causes the fat cells to shrink leading to weight loss. Also get some good weight loss effect for this journey.

How do I know the number of calories our body needs?

The body weight multiplied by 10 for women and 12 for men gives the basic number of calories needed to keep the body fit without having to visit a gym or engage in exercises.

When planning to lose weight, real fat weight, taking in fewer calories will create a deficit in the body. The body then goes to the fat stores and begins to burn them. These lead to weight loss. Now dropping the calories too low won’t work as the body, being smart, will pick up a defenses system of reducing the metabolism. This defense is inherent to survive during famine or starvation.

Keeping records of food intake and the number of calories available in each food eaten and drinks taken might be a good habit.

Testimonies from those who have used this method will probably show that this effort is totally worth it.

Medical weight loss

The word medical does not always mean pills or surgery.

Medical weight loss carried out by health practitioners and good weight loss clinics. They manage a patient’s weight using scientific evidence known to target the main causes of weight gain and obesity.

In a weight loss clinic, the patient is provided with the necessary guidance and treatments for weight loss and to sustain it for life. The tools used are actually different from commercial programs and online blogs. People who provide this type of weight loss programs make use of the body metabolism and composition to track the progress made.

Weight Loss Tips

Here are some good weight loss tips, by using these tips you can eat your favorite food without storing it in fat.

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  • Drinking water

Drinking enough water contributes to weight loss.  Drinking water before meals will reduce the number of calories taken. Water also increases the body metabolism which leads to more calories burned.

  • Use smaller plates during meals

This not to reduce sales of big plates but to help people automatically eat less. It is sometimes called portion control. It looks weird but it actually works.

  • Try to keep foods low in calories around in the possibility that you get hungry

When the desire to eat cannot be resisted, the food consumed has less calorie contribution to the daily scheduled intake. Go to weight loss clinic for regular check-ups.

  • Consume more vegetables and fruits

Fruits and vegetables are very healthy and contain low calories. It takes longer to chew them and fill the stomach easily. A lot of it could be consumed at a time yet little calorie contributed to the body system.

  • Get a good amount of sleeping time

Research shows that sleep actually exists as one of the risk factors of obesity. Evidence put forth by scientist says that the body actually burns fat more at night while the body sleeps.

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